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LTT: i.LASER 3000 & 4000 Machines
Available for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Compatible with Auto CAD , CorelDraw, Illustrator... Expedites engraving, cutting and point drilling. Pin-Type auto focus. Easy to maintain Mirror Lens Air from Nozzle Alignment Laser Head. Integrated Controls. Air assist pump ensures high-quality output. Max. Speed:1524mm/sec(60 inch/sec). Stronger Structure &Higher Precision. Cutting Faster and Smoother enhances work flow and quality. Flexible design supports additional peripherals (ex: rotary attachment, vacuum table.
ILS-1 Catalogue Video
LTT: ILS-2 Multi-application Laser Engraving
The ILS-2 is a concise, versatile multi-functional laser engraving machine, which fits in flexible engraving / cutting processes to handle the customer's requirement of various requests, rapid product delivery, complicated graphics applications, etc. It is positioned as a high quality printer in the office; with great ease of use, and is appropriate for processing the gift items, trophies, chops, and various souvenirs, etc. The ILS-2 allows each user to work smoothly and effectively for laser engraving or laser cutting tasks; and importantly, to let customers own more creativity in the laser applications.
ILS-2 Catalogue Video